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Stonebridge LTD.
3411 Midway Drive
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

(319) 277-4277

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Steve Ford
Contracting and Pricing
Cell: (319) 239-7142

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Tyler Ford
Vice President
Logistics and Contracting
Cell: (319) 404-8612


Tim Daley
Producer Contracting
Cell: (319) 239-7143

Donna Brunsen
Phone: (319) 277-4277

Pamela Ryan
Office Administrator
Phone: (319) 277-4277


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We buy soybeans
and corn

Stonebridge Ltd., contracts with growers and processors for the production of high quality, food grade non-GMO soybeans / corn for export and domestic markets. We contract a variety of soybeans in several midwest, central and eastern states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, the Dakotas and Wisconsin.

Stonebridge also contracts soybeans in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.