About Stonebridge Ltd.

To minimize agronomic risks, we grow our product in many states across the U.S. and in Canada. We are able to provide predictable reliability at a competitive price. We use certified cleaning facilities and have our growers deliver to local facilities they are familiar with.

Steve Ford – CEO
Steve founded the company in 1999. He lived in Japan for 14 years, speaks the language and has a unique understanding of the Japanese business culture.

Chief Executive Officer
(319) 239-7142

What we do

  • Understand the needs of our customers
  • Assist customers in soybean selection
  • Teach our producers about our customers’ requirements
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Ensure product quality, quantity and timely shipment
  • Coordinate transportation
  • Provide accurate logistical documentation


Global Trade Interview featuring Steve Ford.

"Bridging the gap between worlds."

Stonebridge Ltd.

3411 Midway Drive, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
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