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Food Grade:

Our team has over 80 years experience working with global and domestic customers that want quality non-GMO or organic soybeans and corn for their products. We supply to markets that include tofu, soy milk, cereal, healthy option meals and more. This changing and expanding market makes it the perfect fit for our diverse network of varieties, suppliers and transport options.

Various soy products


We supply both non-GMO and Organic soybean meal from multiple locations across the U.S. Our goal is to reduce transportation costs by using a facility closest to the end user and work with specific varieties of soybeans we believe make a better soybean meal or meal pellet.

Please contact Tyler or Luke with your seed needs.

Packaging: Bulk, tote bag, 30 kg bag, 60 lb bag, 50 lb bag
Transportation: Rail, bulk hopper bottom, bulk in container, bagged in container


Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford
Vice President
Logistics and Contracting
Cell: (319) 404-8612

Luke Anderson


Luke Anderson
Business Development
Cell: (641) 757-2152