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19SB21 RM 1.9 **NEW**

Soybean variety with excellent yield and strong defensive traits.

  • Handles high PH and SCN soils
  • High yielding food grade soybean

20SB21 RM 2.0

Popular food grade soybean.

  • Excellent grain quality and yield.
  • Organic Version available
  • Responds well to irrigations
  • Performs best on well trained soils

26SB22 RM 2.6 **NEW**

Soybean variety that has excellent food qualities.

  • Aphid resistance
  • Good balance between yield and quality
  • Very versatile bean in dry or wet conditions

28SB21 RM 2.8

Quality food grade soybean with improved agronomics and yield.

  • Organic version available
  • Aphid resistant
  • Fast canopy

29SB41 RM 2.9

***Three year plot trial winner***

Versatile soybean for variable soil types.

  • Organic version available
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Exceptional yield performance

IA-3045LF RM 3.0

This proven variety is a favorite of food manufacturers.

  • Good late season harvestability
  • Fast canopy
  • Exceptional grail quality

34SB11 RM 3.4 **NEW**

Variety that has very high protein and is highly valued in the food industry.

  • Excellent disease package
  • Can tolerate marginal soil types


Luke Anderson – Agronomist

Luke brings 20 years of experience from the agricultural industry and is a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA). He is responsible for seed sales, farmer liaison and support.
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